With the Hars Tractor Integrated Management System, which we have established with the awareness that continuous, permanent and effective success will be achieved by the implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of management systems;

  • To fulfill our responsibilities towards the society, the environment and our employees.
  • To continuously improve all our processes by effectively managing risks and opportunities, and to create a healthy and safe working environment
  • To meet the needs and expectations of all our stakeholders to work customer-oriented and increase customer satisfaction
  • To continuously improve our service quality and the performance of the Integrated Management system
  • To conduct out all our activities in accordance with national and international legal conditions requirements
  • To be sensitive about the processing and preservation of all personal data in accordance with the Law No. 6698 on the protection of personal data (KVKK)
  • To Work together by spreading the awareness of Quality, OHS, Environment, Information Security and Customer Satisfaction all our stakeholders, especially our employees.
  • To conduct studies to prevent environmental and work accidents, injuries and health deterioration
  • To ensure the participation of employees and their representatives by consulting them in order to create the awareness that all employees have a common responsibility.
  • To protect the environment, to prevent pollution at its source by considering the environmental dimension in our activities
  • To take measures to reduce our wastes, to use raw materials, energy and natural resources efficiently, to turn the wastes generated in the production process into useful energy
  • To be sensitive about global warming and climate change, to take measures, to ensure the use of sustainable resources
  • All our work; To follow up-to-date technologies closely, to manage with team spirit and total quality awareness, in accordance with process and energy efficiency, and in a sensitive manner to the environment and people.
  • As a company with a long history, we always attach importance to innovations without avoiding making research and development investments, and working to be the best without sacrificing quality.
  • To keep employee quality and satisfaction at the highest level by employing personnel with high competencies and providing planned and continuous training to our employees, with the awareness that our most important value is human resources.
  • To protect our cultural, social, moral, spiritual values and our country; to do the desired job on time, to be innovative, contemporary, dynamic, honest, reliable, planned, programmed, stable and just

We are committed.

H. Hüseyin ANGILCI

©2015 Hars Traktör